Showcasing the emerging innovations at the Bangladesh Innovation Runway

The Bangladesh Innovation Runway is a marquee experience at Best of Bangladesh – a global showcasing platform highlighting the country’s substantial development in modern innovation. This highly anticipated Innovation Runway will exhibit a slew of cutting-edge high value products and innovations pioneered by Bangladeshi companies and manufacturers across industries. From pioneering manufacturing techniques to revolutionary design concepts, this platform will illuminate the expansive frontiers of Bangladesh’s innovation accomplishments.

This event stands as a monumental leap forward for the Bangladesh brands, positioning it as a celestial newcomer with boundless potential to create high value & innovative products. By bringing together innovators, brands and manufacturers across the innovation ecosystem of Bangladesh, this event will cast a spotlight on the nation’s strengths as a destination of choice for groundbreaking innovation.

The Innovation Runway promises to captivate attendees with brilliant new developments that merge outstanding design, sustainability and functionality. This year, Best of Bangladesh in Europe will highlight Bangladesh’s evolution from volume production to pioneering global innovations with presentations from Pacific Jeans. Join us at the epicenter of this unfolding innovation revolution at Best of Bangladesh.