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Best of Bangladesh

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Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd.

Ananta Group

Argon Denims Ltd.

Centro Tex Ltd

Clifton Group

Cute Dress Industry Ltd.

Experience Group

Delmas Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

Denim Expert Ltd.

Garments Manufacturer JINLITE Bangladesh Ltd.

Jamuna Denims Weaving Ltd.

Laila Styles Ltd.

Madany Fashion Wear Ltd

Mahmud Denims Ltd.

Noize Jeans Ltd.

Pacific Jeans Ltd.

Paddock’s Jeans Ltd.

PDS Limited

Pioneer Denim Ltd.

Shin Shin Group

Stylish Garments Ltd.

Square Denims Ltd.

Agroshift Technologies Ltd.

Ispahani Agro Ltd.

Nourish Feeds Ltd.

Classical Handmade Products BD Ltd.

Brain Station 23 Ltd.

Nymphea Publications

PDS Ventures

Why Join as an Exhibitor?

“Best of Bangladesh” is a global event that will exhibit the best Bangladeshi products in Europe. It is a grand opportunity for the exhibitors to connect with potential international buyers, customers, and collaborators. They can explore new global markets or strengthen their international presence. With a diverse group of industry leaders, experts, and C-suite executives in attendance, they can network, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships. This can be your one big chance to stand out from the competition, showcase your most innovative products and services, and take your business to the next level!

Exhibitor Benefits

Government Subsidy

Avail subsidies from the EPB, Government of Bangladesh, while showcasing your excellence at Best of Bangladesh.

Ready Booth

Exhibitors will get spacious booths to display products and services from their industry and stand out to potential clients and partners.

Networking Zone​

The Networking Zone will connect the attendees with potential clients, partners, or industry experts to discuss the latest innovations and trends.​

Food Zone

A delectable feast of traditional Bangladeshi cuisine will be served in the Food Zone.

PR & Media

Local and globally renowned PR and media will be present to cover the entire event and promote to audiences around the world.

Get Access to Exclusive Events

Get exclusive access to all of the Best of Bangladesh's immersive key highlight events. Learn about the country’s progressive industries.